Verbitsky considered Milani’s rise as “a huge political mistake”


Argentina, December 22, 2013

President of the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS) and journalist Horacio Verbitsky, reiterated his refusal to the rise of Cesar Milani as Army Lieutenant General. So, he said “it was a serious political mistake” but also added that it “does not negate the human rights policy of the last decade.”

Verbitsky found that Milani does not meet the eligibility requirements for the position and that he has no “essential democratic principles to be the Army Lieutenant General”. It should be noted that while Milani tried to disengage from the charges against him regarding the role that occupied during the last military dictatorship, Verbitsky refute one by one in his column in Página/12.

For example, Verbitsky wonders how Milani might not even suspect of the disappearance of the soldier Alberto Agapito Ledo (whom he signed an Attrition Act) if the bartender of the battalion where the current Army Lieutenant General was the leader testified before the Commission of Human Rights that Ledo was brought to Tucumán and killed.