The director of “Open Letter” disagrees with the designation of Milani


The director of the National Library and the group “Open Letter” Horacio Gonzalez wrote a column in Página/12 newspaper where he said not agree with the appointment of Cesar Milani as the new Army chief.

The article ends by saying : “If  these reflections are well designed, we rely on them to express our disagreement with the appointment of the new Chief of the Army .”

And before the intellectual reflects on ” guilt “, the publication title . “Forgiveness is an act of great majesty. We ask for it or we give it , but there is in it a very large dose of manners, for the essence of forgiveness is something that we will never have full guarantee: I will be different from that who was guilty? Something guarantee me that evil wil not be reiterated?”

He immediately asked : “(… ) what is knowledge ? Someone was inside the machine and did not know ? The consciousness has many signs of stealth planes that manages to turn in not knowing what is suspected to know? You really can live in a continual state of pretense? Doing exceptions in our favor? These are not matters of state, but the state of consciousness, with its folds that can be cascaded canceling each act we conceive unfortunate.

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