The rain finally arrived in the Capital and the Suburbs


The rains finally arrived in Buenos Aires province and the capital after a wave of intense heat that took place in the last days.

The National Weather Service had issued an alert for possible severe storms and hailstones, while orange heat alert will continue through today.

“The warning is valid until 17:25 for the area bounded by the towns of Pilar, Tigre, San Fernando, Buenos Aires City, Quilmes, La Plata, Monte Grande and Brandsen”, NWS said.

The City Government for its part, issued the following recommendations:

* If you find a flooded street not circulate it.

* Do not place pots or plastic chairs and remove them from balconies.

* Be extremely careful with clotheslines and any elements that might cause risks to third parties.

* Ensure the elements that are in construction, such as plates, bricks, straps, etc.

* Do not handle electrical appliances that have been in contact with water.

* Do not throw cans, bottles or other items that can clog sinks or deposit waste in public, at the times and places not allowed, as this will cause serious problems in the normal storm drains.

* Remember that the time to take out the garbage bags is 20hs to 21hs from Sunday to Friday.