Supreme Court of Tucumán revoked the ruling that acquitted the accused in Marita Veron’s case


Argentina, December 17, 2013

The Supreme Court of Tucumán decided to partially revoke the ruling that acquitted the accused for kidnapping Marita Verón, issued by the Second Division of the provincial Criminal Chamber. A year ago, this dependency judges acquitted 13 defendants in the case.

Thus, the maximum provincial court sentenced the brothers Fernando “Chenga” and Gonzalo “Chenguita” Gomez, the police Domingo Andrada and seven other suspected of being perpetrators of the kidnapping of the young in 2002.

However, Antonio Estofán, Antonio Gandur and Claudia Sbdar decided to keep the acquittals of María Jesus Rivero, the former wife of Reuben “The Chancha Ale” and her brother Victor Rivero.

In turn, they condemned 10 defendants : Jose Fernando “Chenga” Gómez , José Gonzalo “Chenguita” Gomez- who would have led Marita to the brothel- the police Domingo Andrada, who is suspected of seeking girls to prostitute- Maria Azucena Marquez- the neighbor who contacted the young to deliver her- and María Natalia Bustos, Carlos Luna, Cintia Gaitano and Daniela Milhein – who kept her kidnapped in Tucuman – as well as Juan Humberto González and Andrés Derobertis.

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