Lázaro Báez requested an injunction to stop a journalist investigation of La Nación


Argentina, December 17, 2013

Today, the lawyer of businessman Lázaro Baez, Juan Pablo Gregori, requested an injunction to “safeguard the confidentiality of accounting, corporate and commercial information” that according to him “is in the possession of third persons who want to profit from its dissemination”. The presentation seeks to restrict the individual right to investigate, disseminate and receive information, considered as a human right with constitutional status by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

According to Baez, the articles published in the newspaper La Nacion by journalist Hugo Alconada Mon are based on accounting data that “should be safeguarded” by Justice.

The investigation shows businesses between his companies and Kirchner family, owners of different hotels in the south of Argentina. The information published by the newspaper is about rented rooms in the complex of the Kirchner family in exchange for millions of pesos.

The Nation reported that such revenues were not included in the affidavits of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner. This morning, this version was denied by the Secretary General of the Presidency, Oscar Parrilli.

According to the lawyer, the notes confirm that the journalist had access to “certain confidential contracts signed by Valley Mitre SA”.

And he also added that that information could only have been achieved in the context of “a tax check held by the collecting agency on the basis of information duties incumbent on the taxpayer.”

“The information contained is certainly not of that which has to be published, reported or certified in some way to the register the control the normal operation of commercial companies” the court filing says.

So far, Baez had questioned news reports that accused him as the author of various crimes. Moreover, he had used his own newspaper to refute versions. However, this type of court orders seeking to censor the role of the press in a democratic society has no background.

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