Ariel Ortega returns to River as Reserve Team aide


Argentina, December 17, 2013

Finally, after the assumption of Rodolfo D’ Onofrio, the idol of River will occupy a place in the club.

Ariel “Burrito” Ortega, the last great idol of the fans of River, is back to work for the club, being aide of Gustavo Zapata in the Reserve team.

“We talked with him and agreed to be the aide of Zapata in the Reserve” said an official close to Rodolfo D’ Onofrio.

Ortega’s arrival also coincides with other idols like Enzo Francescoli, who next week will take over as technical secretary of professional football, and Norberto Alonso, who will be advisor to the Board of Soccer.

D’Onofrio took over today as president of the club Nuñez for the next four years, after the management of Daniel Passarella, who did not attend the ceremony. The transfer was made by outgoing vicepresident Diego Turnes, who was criticized and booed by the audience.

Along with D’ Onofrio, assumed as first and second vice presidents Jorge Brito (son) and Matthias Patanian.

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