Moyano: “Wage increases to the security forces will influence the 2014 joint discussions”


Argentina, December 15, 2013

The leader of the opposition CGT, Hugo Moyano, referred today to the looting and police protests in recent weeks across the country. He also argued that the increases achieved by the security forces will “influence the 2014 joint discussions.”

“I guess mainly state employees will want the same wage increases that the police achieved because they are workers and share the same needs. I Believe it’s going to deepen the lack of resources that will have the provinces, municipalities and the national government” said Moyano to the newspaper El Tribuno.

Furthermore, and in referring to the tense social situation experienced in the country during the last days, Moyano said “when a claim is legitimate and has no answer obviously it has consequences.”

And he added: “It is not easy for a man working for so many to get home and know that is not enough to meet the needs of his children.”

Also ruled out the statements that said that the looting was organized by “destabilizing” groups and criticized once again the President for conducting a festival on Tuesday amid days marked by protests and vandalism.

“Unfortunately the speech by the President on the thirty years of democracy is totally distorted because it was disrespectful to the people who were guarding their homes and traders were watching their workplaces. The president was dancing and giving a speech I think it was completely disoriented. This is what angers people” he concluded.

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