Former judge condemned for abusing his three granddaughters


Argentina, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Felix Romero de Igarzabal, a former member of the National Chamber of Civil Appeals of the City of Buenos Aires, was sentenced today to eight years in prison for abusing his granddaughters, from their childhood to adolescence.

Felix Romero abused his three granddaughters every Sunday after the Mass, reason why he was sentenced today to eight years in prison. As reported Página/12, he used to receive his family for Sunday lunch and after coming home from the church, he looked for the opportunity to be alone with each of her three grandchildren in a room.

The girls are young and currently have 20, 24 and 26. The abuses suffered in the mansion “Veco”.

The sisters could talk about it after the eldest sister confessed her pain. So, little by little the three were talking, telling about those horrors.

For his 92 years old he is retired as magistrate of and will serve a sentence in the same house where he committed the crimes.

The sentence was handed down by the Criminal Court No. 4 of San Isidro, in an abbreviated trial. His granddaughters are now demanding compensation for psychological and moral damages in a case pending in the Civil Court No. 1.

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