Tucumán: Nine cops were arrested after being involved in robberies


Argentina, December 14, 2013

In Tucuman, nine policemen were arrested after an investigation that involved them in the looting last week in the northern province. The warrants were requested by prosecutors for alleged “command responsibility” in the robberies.

The request was accepted by the judge in Instruction Mirta Lenis de Vera, who admitted the arrest warrants and detention required between last night and early today in the capital of Tucumán.

At the moment, the police arrested will be taken to the prison of Villa Urquiza, now available to justice.

It should be recalled that last week, amid a police strike, the main districts of the capital of Tucumán and the towns of Faimallá and Yerba Buena were subject to robbery, assault and various incidents to a wave of looting.

The looting and incidents extended until Tuesday when police agreed with the government that a wage increase was at 8,700 pesos pocket the average salary from 2014.

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