Prosecutor Campagnoli suspension: Those who voted against were reported


Congresswoman Elisa Carrio make an extension of the complaint ‘aggravated concealment and abuse of authority against attorney Alejandra Gils Carbó’ after four members of the Court of Impeachment suspended last night the prosecutor José María Campagnoli, charged for bad performance on the case against Lazaro Baez.

According Carrio, “Ernesto Kreplak, Daniel Adler, Rodolfo María Ojea Quintana and María Cristina Martínez Córdoba were looking cover up criminal conduct of the accused in the Baez case to be link with the highest levels of the national government”.

Carrio says, “the complaint is against the dark circumstances in which sessions took place, behind closed doors, away from the transparency that merits a judicial act of this nature.”

“The fact that the Court of Impeachment has rejected the presence of some members and the presentation of an amicus curiae with the sole grounds that such intervention was not provided in the removal process.”

“The behavior of members of the Court of Impeachment flagrantly violated the most basic constitutional guarantees of Article 18 of the Constitution by not allowing the prosecutor Campagnoli exercise the most basic right of defense against the body.”

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