Juanes releases his new single “The Light”


The singer Juanes announced the launch of “Light”, the first single from his new album via social networks.

The Colombian made ​​the announcement via a video which uploaded to Instagram and Facebook which goes straight to more than 6.5 million fans worldwide. “Light” debuts on Monday, December 16th and will be available in digital stores, online streaming services and radio stations worldwide.

In the video, the guitarist is seated with a console behind it and presenting it. “Hey, What’s up! How is everyone? I’m Juanes, here, I’m very happy to present the new single from my new album which is finished, so I ‘m going to play it,” the musician says. Then he turns to the aircraft and the light goes off. “Oops! What happened? Does the light or what? Cut”, he continues, while laughter.

The 23 -second duration of filming already has over 35400 “likes” on the social networking site Facebook and were shared by more than 2700 people in less than a day of publication.

“The Light” is a song written by the same Juanes and was recorded in Los Angeles, California, with producer Steve Lillywhite, assisted Emmanuel “Meme” del Real.

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