Cristina said that police participated in the looting


President Cristina Kirchner said Friday that her complaint on the police and its link with looting and said the members of that force can not “organized crime to steal people and shops, installing fear and terror.”

From Santa Cruz and through the social network Twitter the president rescued a phrase by the president of the Episcopal Conference, Jorge Arancedo, who after meeting in Olivos remarked yesterday: “The police can not help orphaned citizenship.”

“I would add: they can not organize crime to rob people and shops, installing fear and terror … For what purpose? I think the facts are self-explanatory and politicians that talked also did it” said Cristina Kirchner in a series of messages on the social network.

Moreover, the president mentioned the case of a officer  officer in Entre Rios province, in whose home authorities found stolen goods, and called for judges who act quickly.”

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