Capitanich met with members of Open Letter


Argentina, December 14, 2013

Today, the cabinet chief Jorge Capitanich led a meeting with Open Letter, “think tank” of the kirchnerism. As part of the talk, he discussed and criticized inequality and corporations.

The meeting was held at the National Library, led by sociologist Horacio González, who is also a member of the group of intellectuals. Capitanich showed himself near Carlos Tomada, Labor Minister, Ricardo Forster and outgoing senator Daniel Filmus.

“Inequality must be repaired by a political power that must come from the popular will. That’s why corporations cannot take control of the politic power” said the official.

On the other hand and with reference to the conflict with national security forces, he said that “those who must protect us cannot undermine the legitimate defense of the interests of the people”.

And finally questioned the media: “The revolution in institutional peace has to come from the popular consciousness against media groups that want to generate a unidirectional message.”

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