Another worker dies in the construction of a World Cup stadium in Brazil


Brazil, December 14, 2013

Again, tragedy strikes the organizer of the World Cup. In Brazil, a 20 year old died after falling 40 meters when he was fixing the roof of the stadium in Manaus. It should be recalled that three weeks ago, two people died in the collapse of the roof of the “Arena Corinthians,” place where the opening match will be played.

Today, a young man of just 20 years died after falling from 40 meters when he was fixing the roof of the stadium of Manaus, which is being built for the football’s greatest event. After breaking a cable, Marcleudo de Melo Ferreira fell through the cracks and died in the hospital. It is the second death at this stage, since in March another worker died following an accident in the construction.

Cicero Custodio, president of the Union of Construction Workers of Manaus, reported after the tragedy that: “They are accelerating works without worrying about workers. Due to the haste with which they are working these accidents will continue happening”.

Source: Infobae

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