Ciccone Case: Another witness complicated Boudou


Telefé channel former manager Gabriel Bianco testified in court under the case call Ciccone and said the vice president Amado Boudou met with the family that owns the printing press in the channel in July 2010 .

Bouodu was then Minister of Economy and Bianco was the link between him and the Ciccone family. The meeting was held in the presence of official friend and partner José Núñez Carmona.

“I do not remember but possibly I let [the Ciconne] to enter the studio when Boudou was giving a live interview,” said the Telefe former commercial director of marketing and business, a position he held from 1998 to 2010 .

“When the interview was finished Boudou was behind the camera and greeted everyone who was there, I understand that there was a general greeting. Nicolas Ciccone was there, and his son-in-law Guillermo Reinwick and Núñez Carmona” Bianco said.

Although he clarified before the federal Judge Ariel Lijo , “I don’t have in mind the situation of the meeting.”



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