Buenos Aires Security Minister calls “mongoloid” to a man who criticizes him [video]


Buenos Aires province Security Minister Alejandro Granados made ​​an outburst when a person present at the ceremony held in the Municipal Theater of Ezeiza shouted “Give back the money you stole!”

Consequently the Council President Edgardo Amarilla tried to calm the waters and warned that “if we are attacked, you have to leave the room, we came to a party of democracy.”

“Each of us has been elected by the people, the people put us in this place. The person who disagrees we invite him to retire and above all keep the respect,” Amarilla added.

But then Granados took the microphone and began to shout: “And to the persona who said that stupidity I do not invite him to withdraw, I encourage you to wait out there. I wait for that idiot out there. Piece of mongoloid”.

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