Julio De Vido denied power shortages in summer


Argentina, December 8, 2013

Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido said today that the government will continue analyzing who can pay the full ballot line to remove state aid.

“The Government in the past ten years has gradually taking away subsidies to those who can pay them. We’ve progressed with that logic, but what will not change is the policy. We’ll remove subsidies because it is our policy” said De Vido.

And he said that “We will cuts subsidies in sectors that are not needed” and added that “We will take measures appropriate to the occasion.”

When asked about the possibility of power cuts in the summer, De Vido said “As the facilities are training and having the staff there should be no problem, the situation will be normal as was last year”.

Anyway, utilities warned that “the tolerance level is zero” and stressed that “every time there is a cut, there will be a fine.”

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