Gustavo Facciuto, husband of Governor Fabiana Ríos, passed away


Argentina, December 8, 2013

Gustavo Facciuto couple of the governor of Tierra del Fuego and provincial official, died today after suffering a cardiac arrest, as it was officially confirmed. Both were scheduled to participate in the commemoration of the 30 years of democracy.

Both were staying at the Hosteria Kaikén when Facciuto,of 51 years old, suffered a cardiac arrest and died. The remains were veiled from 3 pm in the room Ramón Oviedo of the Government’s house of Ushuaia.

The information was confirmed by the Department of Institutional Communication of the provincial government in a statement expressing the “deep sorrow at the death of Gustavo Facciuto of all members of the Executive Power” and also stressed “his commitment and work, accompanying family and friends at this difficult time.”

Also reported by official decision that “activities planned for today to commemorate the 30 years of democracy were suspended.”

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