Córdoba: The police in strike accept the proposal of the Governor


Cordoba Gov. Jose Manuel de la Sota gave an ultimatum to the police in sitrke and their attorney Miguel Ortiz Pellegrini said, “We accepted the last Government proposal, though for now only in words”. He was on track to the provincial Government House to sign it.”

“We’re going to Government House, we accept the proposal. We will give details when it is signed,” Ortiz Pellegrini said.

De la Sota gave them a deadline to the police until 10 am to finish the strike. And he confirmed that he made ​​them an offer that leads the police salaries to 8,000 pesos for all staff and that would rise to 9,000 pesos in the case of patrolling the streets.

The Córdoba governor explained that “the proposal includes a salary in December of 8000 pesos for the initial and single staff. To this must be added additional 3,000 pesos in the case of those providing service to the state and 3,600 in private services. This would make a total of 11,600 pesos. Highest salary of the police in Argentina.”

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