Cordoba: De la Sota announced the signing of the agreement and police return to service


Governor José Manuel De la Sota announced this afternoon an agreement with the police in strike and said “they will quickly return to their duty.”

The governor said that “Justice will pursue all criminals and looters who caused riots since yesterday, when police strike began.”

De la Sota alongside his cabinet, announced ‘the end of the police strike’ and asked the media to bring to justice the footage of looting and thanked them all to publicize the atrocities that happened in the province.

He also thanked the priest and the rabbi who accompanied and advised at all times, the cops who helped neighbors at critical times and officials Garciela Ocaña, Sergio Massa, Mauricio Macri, Julio Cobos, Daniel Scioli, Antonio Bonfatti and all leaders who demanded the presence of the national forces.

In addition to the national government he added: “According to today’s answer apparently we need to burn our identification ID because some officials do not consider us part of Argentina.”

“Next Tuesday will be meeting with the national government to pay us what they owe us”, he referred to a debt claim to ANSeS.