Córdoba: Berni sends Gendarmerie commands this afternoon and blasted De la Sota


Sergio Berni announced assistance to the province of Códoba and denounced the “shame” by Gov. Del Sota to call for help in Twitter.

Secretary of Homeland Security Sergio Berni reported today that a “antitumultos” contingent of 2,000 troops of the National Gendarmerie was sent to Córdoba to intervene before the riots and violent looting that occurred in the provincial capital after a police strike.

The official called on the province to ensure “the legal and judicial framework needed” so that members of the national force can act, because it is involved “criminal responsibility” strictly the purview of the Cordoba government José Manuel de la Sota.

“The truth is that I think an embarrassment what the governor is doing. It is something that we have come because this has happened when the fire occurred in the province. He waited to be on fire throughout the province for help,” he said.

According to Berni a help ask from Cordoba entered by fax to the Pink House at 8:00 am on Wednesday, and was referred to the Ministry of Security, sending immediately 2,000 troops”.

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