Córdoba: A young man was shot during looting


A young man aged between 18 and 20 years old died of a gunshot wound received in the middle of a looting in the city of Córdoba, in the midst of the police strike to demand better salaries, medical sources said today.

The victim was taken this morning at the provincial capital, where doctors established that his death was due to the impact of a projectile.

The sources said the young man was shot in the middle of a looting registered in Villa Ciudad Evita.

At least 60 people were injured while more than fifty were arrested, as the balance of the wave of looting and violence broke out last night in the city of Córdoba, and continue this morning.

After looting in dozens of shops, the authorities ordered the suspension of classes and the provincial capital dawned without public transportation.

Looting began around 16:00 Tuesday and spread during the morning, on streets with very few police, as most were in the strike.

In different parts of the provincial capital several people broke into stores and seized food and various goods.

Cordoba Gov. Jose Manuel de la Sota complained during the morning for not having received the request made to the National Government to send National Gendarmerie.

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