‘Brazuca’ the official football of Brazil 2014


‘Brazuca’ is the official ball of the World Cup Brazil 2014 introduced at the Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazuca means ‘Brazilian’ and ‘Brazilian lifestyle’. FIFA said the ball passed more tests any one else. Over two and a half years, over 600 ball players first row played with it and 30 teams in ten countries across three continents did it as well.

FIFA president Joseph Blatter said, “The ‘brazuca’ is already used in various international matches, although with a different design to not give clues, besides being used in the friendly between Sweden and Argentina last February”.

This World Cup ball relieve the Jabulani (2010), has very bright, cheerful colors that symbolize the multicolored bracelets that Brazilians traditionally worn when making a wish, and also reflect the effervescence and fun associated with football in the South American country.

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