Cristina Kirchner returns to Casa Rosada for the swearing in of the new ministers

President Cristina Kirchner returned to Government House after her medical license required to the swearing in of the new ministers.

Changes in the Cabinet of President were announced Wednesday by the Public Communication Secretary Alfredo Scoccimarro, also in Casa Rosada.

The announcement was made on the day of the official return of the President, after recovering from the surgery which was submitted on October 8.

Capitanich, who asked for license in the governorate, was senator and chief of staff in the presidency of Eduardo Duhalde, and replace Juan Manuel Abal Medina.

Kicillof, who replaces Hernan Lorenzino had been working as a secretary for economic policy, a position he got after being assistant manager of Aerolineas Argentinas from the renationalisation of the flag carrier.

At the same time, as minister of agriculture took place Carlos Casamiquela-in-Yawar Nestor, who came Revisiting as current president of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), an institution he entered in 1974.

Scoccimarro also announced yesterday that the Interior Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, submitted his resignation to the President, which will be effective from 2 December. Moreno was not present at the ceremony.

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