AFSCA Response, ‘We received the Clarín Group plan and it will be analyzed’


Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services (AFSCA) confirmed that they received the Clarin Group plan presented this morning at 10:20 am, after the Supreme Court declared the constitutionality of the media law.

According to AFSCA Director of Image and Communication, Fernando Torrillate, “the organism will examine the dossier submitted by the multimedia company. It is presented as a complement to the presentation made by Fintech Advisory [minority partner of Clarin Group] last December. It will take many hours analyzing it.”

Clarin External Communications Manager Etchevers Martin said, “The plan today sent to AFSCA involves all of the conglomerate. Last December, the minority shareholder of the group had submitted its own proposal, that the national government offered to be supplemented to accommodate regulatory requirements included in the media law.”

Torrillate added, “With regard to the time limits of Clarin Group adequacy, AFSCA warned that it depends on the volume of business. If it’s for competition, the time is longer, but if companies already have buyer will be shorter”.

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