Pope Francis won’t come to Argentina until 2016

Ricardo Martinelli, Panama's president, and Pope Francis

Ricardo Martinelli, Panama’s president, and Pope Francis 

Italy, October 26, 2013

Today, Pope Francis said he won’t visit Latin America until 2016, after an audience with a group of Uruguayan Jesuit students. In addition, the pontiff said that if he travels to Argentina, he’ll also come to Uruguay and Chile too.

In a room of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican, the Pope said: “I won’t go there before 2016, that’s for sure,” but added: “what is certain is that if I visit Argentina, I’ll visit Chile and Uruguay too, the three together.”

In addition, Francisco joked with the Uruguayan delegation: “I just wonder why there is no one with the mate”. He continued: “because when President José Mujica came, we were sharing mate”.

It should be noted that prior to receiving the Uruguayans, Francisco met in a private audience with the president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli.

The conversation revolved around how is Panama, its social policies, development projects. The Pope and Martinelli also spoke “of the country’s Christian tradition” and the relationship between church and state.

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