Company Report: ‘The train that crashed in Once is recycled’


Spokesman of Mitre Operational Management Unit Sarmiento (UGOMS), Paul Gunning said, “The train crushed in Once station and injured more than 30 people, there is a new formation, training is recycled. Is under investigation, “but did not answer if it was a new brake problem.

Gunning said: “The formation Chapa 5 crashed into the platform 2 at 7:25. Deposit left at 4:53, made ​​all the way to eleven Moreno normal and did not report any failures until impact. These are the GPS data and control where the motorman reports, it is a subjective matter.”

“They are checking the causes, rates and all that can contribute to a rapid clarification”.

“The plate 5 is a recycling train. China new formations run Monday to Friday, not on Saturdays.”

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