Public Television released the first part of the interview with Cristina Kirchner


Argentina, September 14, 2013

In the interview she gave to journalist Hernán Brienza, President Cristina Kirchner spoke of vulture funds, the Kirchnerism as popular movement and her outlook on politics. Today was released the first part of the interview by Public Television.

The president, in her remarks, referred to external debt: “I need dollars to pay the debt that I do not contracted” and also complained to international creditors who refuse to enter the trade and maintain a legal dispute with the country.

“The discipline through debt also occurs through international trade which accuses countries as protectionist” she said, commenting on the position she took to the G-20.

On the other hand, she referred to the Kirchnerism as a movement, “is like trying to explain what Peronism is. It is hard to explain, it has to do with a generation that appears in a destroyed Argentina”.

With regard to her understanding of politics, the president said that “the formula Friend or Foe is a military concept.” And she added, “I do not consider someone I don’t agree with as an enemy”.

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