Barack Obama assesses Russia’s initiative not to attack Syria


U.S. President Barack Obama evaluates Moscow’s call to Damascus put under international control its arsenal of chemical weapons.

The White House fears that the plan is a distraction to buy time when American ships are ready to launch missiles against Syrian targets.

There are suspicions about Russian motives, because Moscow and Washington tightened its relations to points almost of the Cold War.

Although the speed with which Obama gave credit to the proposal gives an idea of ​​its isolation, at time when the U.S. congressional support for military action is lowering.

Michael Mann, spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said today, “The EU also analyzes the Russian proposal, but want to make sure it is a serious initiative.”

“We studied the proposal forward. Any proposal that would reduce the violence in Syria is welcome and we are ready to help in whatever “.

The idea of ​​Russia, supported by the United Nations and several countries, including Syria, led to delay the vote scheduled for Wednesday in the U.S. Senate on Obama’s plan to carry out attacks ‘limited’ in Syria.

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