Sapag: “YPF needs partners to provide capitals”


Argentina, August 17, 2013

Jorge Sapag, governor of Neuquen, said in statements to the media that “we must react: YPF had invested 900 million dollars last year and this year 2,700 million pesos but it can’t go on, it needs partners to provide capital. If the Nation, YPF and the province had money, we would not be discussing any of this. “

This week began the discussion between the province and companies YPF and Chevron, to extend application of the deposits Vaca Muerta, Loma La Lata Norte and Loma Campana for 35 years.

While acknowledging the problems that the company faces, he criticized the opposition “talk about the need for investments, of the thousands of unemployed that mining left and do not realize that this is a pilot investment 1,200 million, which if successful opens the possibility of 16,000 million dollars. “

“It is easier to wield a false nationalism, going against the Americans, against Chevron, instead of working” he added.

He concluded: “Neuquén has unconventional reservoirs that will open a unique perspective, but we need investment.”

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