Cristina Kirchner announced the unemployment fell 7.2 percent


President Cristina Kirchner announced the unemployment fell in the last quarter of 2013 from 7.9 to 7.2 percent.

“This has to do with public policy as active this import substitution for people produced in the country. All this helps us to announce the low unemployment rate in a world where we are reaching double digits,” said the president.

In addition, the President noted that since the Kirchnerism came to government in 2003, more than two million workers were trained by the state and said, “We’re going to keep doing it, because it means giving job opportunities to those who would do not have tem if the state does not invest”.

The head of state compared the reality of 2003, when 15,000 workers were trained by the State while in 2012 more than 300,000 were trained.

Cristina also referred to the Media Law and said that “the country, democracy and all deserve a law Argentines with the times we live in, against the concentration and monopolies” and said that “four years is a long time” to have full effect.

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