Cristina Kirchner: “Voting for me means relying on yourself”


Argentina, July 27, 2013

President Cristina Kirchner gave speech thinking about the elections. “I ask you to support me to keep doing things,” she said, adding “to vote me means to rely on yourself.”

The President inaugurated this afternoon a plant of sewage treatment in San Fernando, where she gave a speech with strong political overtones ahead of the Primaries. Then she traveled to Brazil to participate in the Mass that Pope Francisco officiate in Rio de Janeiro, in the World Youth Day.

The president was accompanied by the main candidates to the Congress of the Front for Victory, Governor Daniel Scioli, part of the national cabinet and mayors.

“What we achieved in this decade has to be zealously care for Argentines,” she said again, reiterating once again that she is not “eternal”.

“I ask you to support me to continue doing these things,” she said, adding “If we had not had sufficient numbers in both chambers would not have gotten aysa doing these things,” she concluded in reference to the opened plant.

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