Boca defeated the team from San Luis 1-0


Argentina, July 27, 2013

In a hard-fought match, Boca won against the team from San Luis 1-0, with a goal scored by the debutant Gigliotti. It was a close game where Xeneize won by the minimum difference, playing a good first half and a very loose second one. El Cata Diaz played the entire game. 

San Luis: Laureano Tombolini (Juventud); Gabriel Ojeda (J), Facundo Quiroga (Estudiantes), Gastón Stang (E) y Walter Figueroa (J); Marcos Fernández (J), Omar Gallardo (E), Daniel Quiroga (E) and Richard Requelme (J); Daniel Garro (E) y Nicolás Gatto (E). Coach: Darío Tempesta (J), Gerardo Gómez (E) and Enrique Miranda (Jorge Newbery).

Boca: Agustín Orión; Leandro Marín, Daniel Díaz, Guillermo Burdisso y Nahuel Zárate; Pablo Ledesma, Ribair Rodríguez y Juan Sánchez Miño; Juan Román Riquelme; Juan Manuel Martínez and Emmanuel Gigliotti. Coach: Carlos Bianchi.

Stadium: Juan Gilberto Funes.

Referee: Mauro Vigliano.

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