Moyano: “Let us know well who are going to vote in October”


The leader of the CGT, Hugo Moyano, gave a speech in the main event of the mobilization and truckers strike in the Plaza de Mayo, and said the government disrespects to 5 million workers and called to think about who vote in October.

“We don’t want the Government to be afraid of the worker, but we do want respect, and they are now being disrespectful to 5 million workers,” said Moyano.

“I think Mrs. President is misinformed. For example, a worker [long distance truck driver] that has an important salary the Government deducted 13,000 pesos, of course everyone says they win a highly salary but nobody says they breaks their ass working 12 or 14 hours on the truck,” he added.

The unionist said: “It is logical that these boys of La Campora that earn 40,000 pesos believe winning 30 or 40 thousand pesos breaking the ass is a lot of money”.

And criticized social plans: “They invented the ‘rest’ plans. But not because people do not want to work, is because they do not have a job and the Government does not give them opportunities and have to accept a subsidy barely enough to eat.”

“There are many men and women living in inhuman conditions and misery, but the Government does not speak about it.”

At the end of his speech, Moyano called workers “to think very well whom to vote in October”. The driver admitted that in 2009 was wrong “to ask worker to vote for the kircherism”.

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