Jorge Bergoglio fulfilled 100 days as Pope Francisco


Italy, June 23, 2013

Pope Francisco fulfilled the 100 days of the papacy, and its popularity continues to grow, attracting thousands of people every act he presides.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 100 days after becoming Francisco, continues to enjoy a popularity that seems to have no limits and proof of this is the tide of people that flood the square every public event he chairs.

Thousands of people who cheer and applaud each of the words spoken by the priest, as when the audience broke into applause when Francis exhorted the faithful around the world to stay together.

Pope Francisco held on Sunday, as scheduled, the Angelus prayer in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, after his absence on Saturday in a show cause surprise.

According to the press, on Sunday, Francisco instead of participating in this concert preferred to meet with the nuncio, the ambassadors of the Pontiff who are currently in Rome to work with.

Before thousands of faithful, the Pope praised the ability of certain people to go ‘uphill’ with their religious commitment to “defend the voice of conscience and the voice of freedom.”

As usual, Francisco deviated from the official text to improvise and invited especially to young people not to hesitate to go “upstream, proud and unafraid to defend the ideals of the faith.”

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