The protests in Brazil won’t interfere with Pope Francisco’s visit


Brazil, June 21, 2013

Despite the wave of violence affecting Brazil, Vatican sources confirmed that the Pope will visit the South American country to hold an open-air Mass at the World Youth Day to be held on 23 and 28 July.

Street protests that have been happening in the last days in Brazil won’t affect the activities of Pope Francisco, according to a source closer to the Church.

This morning went beyond the government’s concern about the possibility that the massive street protests in recent days- which left at least two dead and over a hundred injured, and Thursday brought together a million people in over 80 cities- may alter the agenda of the Pope’s visit.

“We have a number of complications and concerns about what is happening, which could be reflected in the day”, said the Secretary General of the Presidency, Gilberto Carvalho, whose words were captured by television cameras allowed to take pictures.

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