Independiente tied 0-0 with Belgrano in Cordoba


Argentina, May 26, 2013

In what was a great chance to continue increasing the average, Independiente could not against a solid but not accurate Belgrano. The result, a 0-0 draw in Cordoba, reflects the lack of precision of both teams in the final meters. 

Belgrano: Juan Carlos Olave; Renzo Saravia, Luciano Lollo, Lucas Aveldaño, Sergio Rodríguez; Martín Zapata, Guillermo Farré, Esteban González y Jorge Velázquez; Fernando Márquez and Lucas Melano. Coach: Ricardo Zielinski.

Independiente: Diego Rodríguez; Gabriel Vallés, Cristian Tula, Claudio Morel Rodríguez, Lucas Villalba; Fernando Godoy, Fabián Vargas, Federico Mancuello; Daniel Montenegro; Juan Caicedo and Adrián Fernández. Coach: Miguel Angel Brindisi.

Referee: Carlos Maglio.

Stadium: Mario Alberto Kempes.

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