Lionel Messi does not integrate the ideal lineup for the Champions League


May 25, 2013

After completion of the Champions League, being Bayern Munich the new champion, the British newspaper The Sun chose the best lineup. This time, unlike previous editions, they did not put the Argentine Lionel Messi among the elected ones. The only local representative is Wilfredo Caballero, Malaga’s goalkeeper.

The justification that the newspaper wielded to leave out Messi, the best player in the world, says he does not performed well on the field of play in the Champions League.

Thus, besides Caballero as goalkeeper, the ideal lineup goes with Marcel Schmelzer (Borussia Dortmund) and Weligton (Malaga) with Dante (Bayern Munich) and Lahm (Bayern Munich) in defense.

In midfield are Xavi Hernández (Barcelona), Götze (Borussia Dortmund) and Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich). In the front complete the team Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Burak Yilmaz (Galastasaray) and striker Robert Lewandowski (Borussia Dortmund).

So the Dream Team was composed of three players from Bayern Munich, three from Borussia Dortmund, two from Málaga, one of Barcelona, one of Real Madrid, and another one from Galastasaray.

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