Cristina Kirchner spoke from Plaza de Mayo for the anniversary of the May Revolution


Argentina, May 25, 2013

In Plaza de Mayo, President Cristina Kirchner gave the speech on the anniversary of the May Revolution. On national television, she spoke of inflation, the “winning decade” and about former President Nestor Kirchner, and division in Argentina.

On stage, she was accompanied by her son Máximo, the vicepresident Boudou, her cabinet ministers and governors allied to the Casa Rosada.

“This should be called the won decade, but we’ll need another one” said Cristina Kirchner, adding “I am not eternal, I’ve said it many times. And I don’t want to be it. It is necessary to empower the people and society of these reforms and conquests so nobody can eliminate them”.

He also stressed that Nestor Kirchner was “the least voted president of all democratic processes of elections,” and yet “came to lead the transformation processes and most important change in recent decades.”

He further argued that in Argentina there are sectors that “want to divide the Argentine and generate climates of insults, injuries, and permanent hate”.

“Prices are set by employers and big monopolies” and not “by the State and governments” added the president.

On the other hand, she referred to the military dictatorship and the role that justice has had in these 10 years with those accused of crimes against humanity: “It is true that they are in prison are serving sentences and there are processes that open all day, but still could not find all the children and grandchildren, and that’s a pending matter.”

Before she got to Plaza de Mayo, where he arrived about 4:30 pm in helicopter, the President participated in the Te Deum at the Basilica of Luján next to Archbishop Augustine Radrizzani.

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