Man installs cameras to find ghosts, but records his son and wife having sex


May 23, 2013


A Tasmanian man suspected that his house were inhabited by ghosts, and inspired by the film Paranormal Activity, decided to install security cameras in different rooms in order to check the presence of other beings.

But the surprise was another, when he sat down to see the images and found that his 28-year-old wife was unfaithful and had relations with other man in his own home. But the lover was none other than his son, aged 16, whom had with another woman.

The lady cheating is on trial for having sex with a minor, among other charges, and waits sentencing next week.

Prosecutors revealed, “The incident occurred in October when the woman entered the boy’s room in order to discuss his driving lessons. However, the talk went to tickling and kissing to sex.”

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