The Vatican says Pope Francis did not perform an exorcism (Video)


May 21, 2013


Pope Francis didn’t performed any exorcism on Sunday to a child in St. Peter’s Square, as stated by the TV2000 channel of the Italian bishops, but simply prayed for a sick person that was presented, Vatican says.

Spokesman Federico Lombardi said in a brief statement, “The Holy Father has not made ​​any exorcism, but, as often done with the sick and suffering, prayed for a sufferer who had been filed”.

Yesterday, the TV2000 channel of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) said, “Pope Bergoglio held on Sunday 18 a real exorcism on a sick child who attended the Mass of Pentecost in the square of St. Peter’s Basilica.”

Next Friday TV2000 will devote a program to ‘Pope Francis battle against the devil and his temptations’.

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