Independiente defeated San Martin de San Juan 3-1


Argentina, May 19, 2013

In a key match to remain in the First Division, Independiente defeated San Martin de San Juan 3-1, with goals scored by Caicedo (2) and Godoy for the locals and Osorio for the visitors. The three points allow the Reds to thicken its average against teams like Quilmes, which tied with Newells, and San Martin, who was defeated by the ones led by Brindisi. 

Independiente: Diego Rodríguez; Gabriel Vallés, Leonel Galeano, Claudio Morel Rodríguez, Lucas Villalba; Fernando Godoy, Fabián Vargas, Osmar Ferreyra; Daniel Montenegro; Adrián Fernández and Juan Caicedo. Coach: Miguel Brindisi.

San Martín (SJ): Luis Ardente; Cristian Alvarez, Damián Ledesma, Lucas Landa, Emmanuel Mas; Facundo Affranchino, Andrés Alderete, Maximiliano Bustos, Jorge Luna; Humberto Osorio and Gastón Caprari. Coach: Rubén Forestello.

Referee: Sergio Pezzotta.

Stadium: Independiente.

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