Boca defeated Colon 1-0 playing without fans


Argentina, May 19, 2013

Boca defeated Colón de Santa Fe 1-0 in an entertaining match valid for the date 14 of Final Tournament played at the Bombonera, without an audience, and thus returned to win the local championship after twelve days. 

The only goal was scored by Juan Manuel Martinez, at 3 minutes after the break.

The team from Santa Fe culminated game with ten players since the 28th minute of the second half Bruno Uribarri was ejected for second bookable offense.

The cast led by Carlos Bianchi was superior to all Santa Fe in the first half thanks to the good work of Juan Sánchez Miño, who tried to command the game, coupled with the efforts of Juan Manuel Martinez and Lautaro Acosta, who tried to stay close to the opponent’s area , but also down to get the ball when necessary.

Boca had control of the ball and it triggered have several chances to open the account, but failed to defining and collided with the good work of Diego Pozo while Colon did not show a good performance and only approached Augustine Orion in a counterattacking move.

Already in the second half, after 3 minutes, Boca managed to open the account.

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