After age 50, sexual activity decreases


May 19, 2013

The consultant sexologist of Boston Medical Group in Argentina Néstor Daffinoti, analyzed the reasons why many men choose to ‘give up sex’ when they pass the barrier 50 and found that “many believe that sexuality is something that is over a certain naturally age”. 

The specialist explained that “while it is clear that with age all functions suffer a decline in performance, these do not necessarily preclude the operation”.

“At 70 we surely can not run or walk at a fast pace as 20 years, but that does not make us invalid. The same applies to sexuality and sexual performance: this will suit fitness and will remain active, and like what happens with the walk, it is advisable to continue with an active sex life.”

“With advancing age the hormonal changes that affect sexuality course: testosterone in men and estrogen in women, lower levels over the years.”

“However, we do not reach a zero level, which would negate the desire and performance, so it would continue to practice as normal.”

“Precisely in later life is when men and women need more than ever to a company in which the affective sharing. But when the individual seeks companion to that fear of sexual failure, the individual is isolated socially. So not only sex resigned but also many other pleasurable situations can be recreated as a couple and individually. “

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