The strike by drivers of long distance buses remains unresolved


May 6, 2013


The long distance buses drivers strike meets Monday its fifth consecutive day. The government gave out the forums for dialogue with the union UTA and companies after the wage increase of 23 percent declared on Friday.

Speaking to Radio 10, a woman originally from Santiago del Estero said: “I was in Retiro bus station from Thursday to return home with her 10 year old daughter, who recently received a lung transplant and needs intensive care.”

Another woman was with her ​​disabled daughter.

People was waiting with the passages in hand, and sleep in the terminal in hopes that strike rises and receive state aid to return to their homes.

The Government yesterday reported, “UTA collusion between firms and long distance buses to lift the bosses’ lockout hidden in a strike,” warning that “it will remove permits to companies that do not start buses immediately.”

They called this morning, an emergency meeting at the Ministry of Labour, Ministers, Uta and business staff to unlock the strike today.

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