Rattazzi criticized Moreno and La Campora


April 19, 2013


The Fiat Auto Argentina President Cristiano Rattazzi said, “The public work is manipulate and here is Lázaro Báez and all that” and criticized the national government and officials of La Campora party.

Speaking to about 300 people attending a technology forum at IBM, Rattazzi criticized Interior Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, the deputy economy minister Axel Kicillof, and officials of La Campora.

About Moreno, Rattazzi said that “it is very difficult to explain what technology and what is value added. For him a screw is a screw, and a bolt is a bolt, everything is equal.”

Recalling that, in addition to entrepreneur, he is a private pilot of airplane and helicopter, smiling manifested he is meeting the conditions to work on Aerolineas Argentinas, but “luckily I work for other companies you know what would work with Recalde, Kicillof or “Wado” de Pedro?”.

Rattazzi also announced that “next May 7 he will open the factory floor machinery and tractors CNH in Cordoba”.

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