Cacerolazo 18 A: People gather in different parts of the country


April 18, 2013

A new Cacerolazo began to take life in the country, from 18:00 people have been bringing into the points announced on social networks.

This is the feature that is supported by some political groups and trade unions.

There are also lots of grandparents, some helped with their canes, others by their children and others for their grandchildren.

This third Cacerolazo is mainly due to the rejection of the controversial democratization of Justice, floods and corruption.

Cacerolazo took place also in Sydney, Australia, against the Argentine consulate, where there were banners with the words “Justice is no K”.

In London, at the Argentina Embassy headed by Alicia Castro, and there were mixed slogans in English and Castilian to express the rejection of the national government.

“Press freedom” and “No corruption” were some of the orders that were repeated on posters of protesters who approached at the diplomatic representation located on 65 Brook Street.

In Madrid, the national anthem was sung accompanied by the rhythm of the pans outside the consulate, as in Rome and Milan, where people made it clear to President Cristina Fernandez through a banner that says “in a democracy NOBODY goes for everything”.

‘Cristina lie and steal’, was another of the charges to the Casa Rosada who came from Milan, in line with critical messages that were repeated in different parts of the world.

In Barcelona, some of the protesters had shirts where indicated ‘I am anti K’ and distinguished banners that warned “No justice, no future’.

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