Venezuela: At least 14 injured in a campaign rally of Capriles


April 11, 2013


This Wednesday, at the end of the closing ceremony of the election campaign of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), Henrique Capriles, in the state of Mérida (north), at least 14 people were injured by the attack of a hooded group.

According to the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal ‘: “When Capriles finished the campaign rally, a group of hooded men on motorcycles attacked the audience when they returned to their homes.”

The Archbishop of Mérida, Baltazar Porras, who witnessed the attack because one of its objectives was the Archbishop’s Palace, said: “Men with their faces covered with red scarves and motorized assaulted the people, who have run out.”

“Some (of the masked men) wanted to imprison (people) to the iron gate that leads to the parking lot of the Archbishop’s Palace and pushed the door and it fell on three people.”

The private channel Globovision reported that “the attackers have thrown bottles at buses and malls at the height of the Universidad de Los Andes”.

Baltazar Porras reported that: “even though passersby called for help, the police took no action on the matter. One of the officers let me know that they had orders not to take any action against those who were red. “

As a result, at least 14 people were injured, most by blows with blunt objects, and were taken to the University Hospital of Los Andes (HULA).

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