Cristina piloted a plane, introducing a flight simulator center in Ezeiza (video)


March 26, 2013


President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner piloted a plane to present the AerolĂ­neas Argentinas (AA) center of flight simulators in Ezeiza. The simulation was carried out at the airport in Bariloche.

“This opening has a lot of special and symbolic, because when we took over AA was not because we wanted, but because we had no choice,” said the president.

“I congratulate the youth team in which I trusted; who took charge of this is now being built. This here is palpable; there is an investment of 120 million pesos, classrooms, auditoriums, and three simulators for all three types of ships that airlines have,” she said.

Cristina said that “Argentina in 1994 had one of the training centers (for pilots) most important in Latin America”, and after the sale and emptying of Aerolineas Argentinas “had no planes or anything.”

“First simulators sold after the building, and when we took over we had no planes or anything, but if the overwhelming desire to return to what we had been,” said the President.

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