Ecuador: Armes Forces prvented a robbery attempt against Amado Boudou


Ecuador, March 24, 2013

Ecuadorian sources published today that the Armed Forces of Ecuador foiled a robbery attempt against Vice President Amado Boudou and the accompanying delegation through the Latin American country when he was traveling in Quito. The criminals were arrested after the fact.

The incident occurred on Friday night, when thieves tried to attack the vehicle where he was traveling through Quito. However, the Argentine vice president was escorted by members of the unit of “military intelligence”.

“The criminals did not imagine that the car was being watched by intelligence personnel assigned to safety of the Argentine vice president,” told to EFE a source of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Ecuador.

And they added that “personnel of the Command Joint Military Intelligence, while serving their safety and security tasks Mr. Vice President of Argentina, (…), repelled an assault perpetrated against the car that led the authority”.

“Military intelligence personnel assigned to this mission, acted and reacted effectively and┬átimely, neutralizing the attack, and capturing the suspects, later orders them to the competent authorities,” the statement concluded.

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